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Chunky Merino Wool Blanket baby

Chunky Merino Wool Blanket baby

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Chunky blankets made of 100% Merino Wool in baby size 60 x 80 cm

The small chunky merino wool blanket is for those who like to keep cozy and snug all on their own. Wrap up your little ones in it, and get one for yourself too. The chunky knit construction of this super cuddly throw makes it as unique as it is comfy.

This is a natural decorative product, made from un-spun wool that has been hand-processed to make it as durable as possible. As with all woollen products pilling may occur with heavy use. It can be easily cut or shaved off accordingly.

Spot clean any spills and dry clean only when necessary. Don't be afraid to give it a good shake re-shape it!